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Massage Device

The Portable Massager for Foot Therapy On the Go

Do you need a treat your feet or a gift for typically stressed friends, students, or employees? Our patented medically endorsed devise is suited for foot therapy, but can be used on just about any body part that needs to be massaged. The device is comprised of a plurality of 18 golf balls. It utilizes a deep-kneading technique that focuses on reflexology. When applied with minimal pressure, it soothes numerous aches and ailments, like jogger's heel, plantar faciitis and cramping.

Stanford and USA Foot Massagers

Pink Massage Balls


Christmas and UCLA Foot Massagers

Kentucky Massager

Designed for Relaxation

Our portable massager, manufactured in our Huntington Beach, California, location and North America, is designed to meet your needs. Do you want our foot therapy massager to be branded with your company logo or the American flag? Perhaps you'd like it emblazoned with a favorite college team logo that your golfing friend loves? We offer a vast array of custom options. Feet Joy makes a lovely, customized gift for anyone on your list.  For the office, living room, game room or bedroom.

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